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Default Apps in 2023

Because all the cool kids are doing it. The origin story for this kind of post lives here.

Anyway, here we go.

Mail Service: Mailbox.org

Mail Client: Thunderbird and Mail (iOS)

Notes: Joplin, Pen and paper

Calendar: Thunderbird and Calendar (iOS)

Contacts: Thunderbird and Contacts (iOS)

RSS: Feedbin

RSS Client: Web & NetNewsWire (iOS) (although I am considering Reeder again on iOS)

Cloud: Nextcloud

Photo: iCloud and Photos (iOS)

Web Browser: Firefox and Safari (iOS)

Chat: Signal, iMessage, WhatsApp (thanks, I hate it)

Bookmarks: Raindrop

Read it Later: Omnivore and Kindle Paperwhite

Word Processing: Google Docs & LibreOffice

Shopping Lists: Joplin or Pen and Paper

Music: Bandcamp (for buying and the app on iOS)

Podcasts: Overcast

Passwords: Bitwarden

Social Media: Very sporadic bursts on Bluesky, Mastodon and Instagram

Weather: Weather (iOS)

Search: Brave

Movie Tracking: Letterboxd

TV Tracking: Serializd

Book Tracking: Goodreads

Maps: Apple Maps (iOS)